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Where is Everything? Frequently Asked Questions?

Three WiFi codes to cover the guest area are available.
TP LINK 8CB8 - Password 96998656 -. For Veranda Area

TP LINK B614A2 - Password 11522577 - For Lounge/Kitchen Area

TP LINK B614A2 EXT - Password 11522577 - For back bedroom area

If you have a problem tell us - (Or ask the Kids!)

The TV Remotes are cleaned & covered in plastic for each guest

There is a Blue Tooth Speaker in the Lounge, in the work corner.

SECURITY SAFE FOR YOUR VALUABLES –  Found in the lower part of the twin room wardrobe.

Although Lanzarote is blessed with a low crime rate, Please use it!  A Key only. The number dial is now redundant, due to a stressful time of some kids playing with it on a departure day.

HOUSE KEY SAFE - There is an entrance key safe. The current code will be supplied to you

RUBBISHWhat to do with your Rubbish? Please place your rubbish in small rubbish bags or supermarket bags. Tie securely & dispose in the rubbish at the rear of the Villa, beside the bus stop. We like to regularly clear rubbish, mainly to deter any creepy crawlies and not encourage mice, stray cats etc. If you want to move bagged rubbish from the villa before you visit the main bins outside, use the temporary small bin opposite your parking bay. Special Recycle Bins can be found beside the road a little further away.


THE POOL – The Solar Heated Pool is cleaned for your arrival. Normally cleaned, checked, maintained & topped up weekly. However, the pool, may need more attention due to the weather, or when well used. Lots of sploshes needs more topping up!  The filter is set on a timer. The pump pool bubbles sound you hear on start up is normal. 


POOL COVER – Cover the pool when not in use, especially at night, to help retain the solar heat. The cover should always have the bubbles facing inwards, the flat facing to the sun. Also roll the cover with the bubbles facing inwards, flat of cover facing the sun. Please make sure the skimmer is not obstructed by the rolled up cover flapping over it. If the pool water becomes too hot in summer, leave the cover off overnight to cool it down!

POOL & GARDEN LIGHTS - Enjoy the Pool at night. A pool of many colours xx. Pool Light switch on far end of Veranda. Face the old mangle (my grandmother’s) the switches for pool and outside lights are on your right, beside the tall wooden plant holder.Please turn off pool light when not using the pool.

POOL TOYS – We have a selection of inflatable Pool Toys and beach toys in the pool sheds. Goggles etc..Have a look before you buy.

SUNBED CUSHIONS –  Plus chair cushions can be found in the Twin Room Wardrobe. Washed & Ready for your stay

THE KITCHEN – The Instructions for the electrical kitchen appliances can be found in the folder on the welcome table.

The new microwave/grill can also be used as a convection oven

Please clean ceramic hob only with the special cleaner provide under the sink.

CLEANING MATERIALS – Under the Kitchen Sink  

CLEANING EQUIPMENTBroom, mop, bucket etc. plus extra cleaning materials can be found in the Pool Bar

THE CLOTHES DRIER – and pegs can be found in the Pool Bar, plus another wall drier by the lounge entrance.

There is not a washing machine, but a service clothes wash is offered on request. Please put any washing in a secured plastic bag, message me, and  I will collect, wash and return damp.

THE IRON & IRONING BOARD – can be found in the Twin Room Wardrobe


BBQ – Plus Gas Bottle and BBQ tools can be found in the Pool Bar – Please do not use BBQ inside the Pool Bar.

Wheel it to the outside. If the gas bottle runs out, just ask for a replacement.

It would be really nice, if you could put the supplied mat under the BBQ to protect the tiles from grease, and if you could wheel the BBQ back inside when not in use. Thanks ♥


EXTRA FRIDGE – There is a fridge in your kitchen area

For larger groups, or if you feel you need extra fridge/freezer space, for your cold drinks/food etc. there is an extra fridge in the Pool Bar, unplugged.  Plug it in if you need it.


PATIO BLINDS – We have invested in patio blinds, which can enhance your enjoyment in the winter evenings, or on a windy day. Please always secure the blinds wound tightly with the supplied hooks, so they will not be damaged by the Lanzarote winds. If you need help to use the blinds, just ask !

SUNBATHING & CHILDREN – Plus all pale skinned guests. We hate to nag – but here we go! The Lanzarote Sun is STRONG. It can REALLY burn, even on overcast days.  Always cover up or use sun block. Enjoy the Lanzarote Sun, but be careful!  We supply a small starter sun cream in your welcome pack. There is also a small First Aid box, Clothes Hand Wash Powder etc.


POOL & CHILDREN – We hate to nag – but here we go, again!  Enjoy the Pool and the Beaches & Sea. But please read our rules for Pool safety,  remember to respect the pool and the sea.

Our family, friends & guests have had safe & happy holidays since 1985 - Let us all keep it that way.


SOLAR HOT WATER – The hot water is supplied by the sun, stored on the roof in a 300 litre tank.

BE AWARE- It takes a while for the hot water to filter through. When it begins to reach the taps the water becomes very hot, as heat increases, you will have to add cold to the mix.

On rare cloudy days, we can swap back to gas bottles if the water becomes too cool.


WATER The mains water is supplied from the Lanzarote desalination plant, stored in our large underground Aljibe. An electric pump supplies your tap water. Many locals use the mains water for drinking and cooking. I use for cooking, but prefer bottled water for drinking. If you prefer, use bottled water for drinking, Tea/Coffer making.

BATHROOM & WATER USE INFORMATION Like most old, traditional, Rural Villas, we have a large underground septic tank (Alijbe). We would be grateful if you could comply with the following -

PLEASE ENSURE that all 'so called' disposable items - toilet paper, nappies, nappy liners, baby wipes, cotton wool, paper tissues, sanitary towels, tampons, cotton buds etc. ARE NOT FLUSHED DOWN THE TOILET.

Please place the mentioned items within secured plastic bags & dispose of within the rubbish.  Thank you xx 


BOARD GAMES – Backgammon, Chess, Domino, Monopoly, Cards & more, can be found in the hall shelf unit

THE TOY SELECTION - Good for kids. Soft toys Always washed with the towels


THE GARDENS – Lanzarote Gardens can suffer in the heat or wind – So you may see me occasionally watering and tending to the plants. You & your children are welcome to enjoy the front gardens & garden swings. 

Our North facing back gardens are private – for maintenance service areas, and our rescue dogs. 


WEEKLY TOWELS & LINEN CHANGE – We supply fresh towels and Linen weekly. House and pool Towels. We text or call to arrange this, at your convenience.


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