Casa Albryna
Guest Information





Information & advice supplied for your own safety



As Guests in a Private Villa you are advised, use of the Pool is at your own risk.

There is no Life Guard, therefore, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to take extra care,

to ensure all children, elderly & weak swimmers are supervised at ALL times.

The Pool – 4m x 8m – Approx. 1.5m deep throughout

All pool sides have moulded steps, to assist access & exit.

A pool fence is available on request.

Recommended for guests with Children


  1. NEVER allow any children or anyone to try to jump or walk on the pool cover.
  2. NEVER take Glasses or Bottles into the pool or surrounding area. Broken Glass in and around the Pool can be extremely dangerous
  3. Please use the plastic glasses, plates & bowls provided for pool use.
  4. No Alcohol plus Swimming. Be aware, too much alcohol can impair your judgement
  5. No running from the pool with wet feet. Especially into the veranda and house area.
  6. All electrical equipment, including radios, CD players, anything plugged in, should be kept dry, away from the pool area.
  7. Don’t Swim Alone. Strong Swimmers, do not be complacent
  8. Do not allow children to throw sand, picon, (gravel) into the pool. This will damage the filter system

We have welcomed Family, Friends & Guests, all enjoying the pool & facilities since 1985, with no major disasters. Let us all keep it that way


Supervise your children at all times


Important things to remember

Checklist, Guide and Tips for keeping you and your children safe around the pool

Teaching your child how to swim DOES NOT MEAN that your child is safe in water


  1. No drugs or alcohol when you plan to use the pool
  2. Never leave your children alone in or near the pool, even for a moment.
  3. No one should ever swim alone. Teach your children this.
  4. All toys should be removed from the pool after use. Toys, in or around the pool, are a temptation to children.
  5. Especially at night. All patio doors leading to the pool must be kept locked. Parents should lock doors, remove the keys and guard them safely.
  6. Never, ever allow anyone to attempt to walk or jump onto the pool cover
  7. We recommend a safety fence which can be installed on your request.
  8. Do not let your child use air-filled "swimming aids/toys" when unsupervised, as they are not a substitute for approved life vests and may be dangerous.
  9. Never dive into the pool.  Since children learn by example, parents should follow these pool safety tips too
  10.  No running from the pool with wet feet. Especially into the veranda and house area
  11. When relaxing, designate a child watcher for pool safety. Adults may become preoccupied when socializing and relaxing, and often assume someone else is watching the kids.
  12. Anyone watching young children around a pool should be physically able to rescue a child.  Learn CPR, if needed - CPR skills can make a difference in someone's life. Always stay within an arm's length of your child.
  13. You must always assume that any child will try to beat your vigilance. If you don't think this is true, YOU ARE WRONG! The reasons for this are very simple to understand. All children are attracted to the water/pool.  A young child does not always know right from wrong.  A child does not know or understand fear. You can't trust a child's judgement.
  14. Never consider children to be 'water-safe' because they've had swimming lessons. There are no 'water-safe' children.
  15. If a child can't be found, immediately, CHECK THE POOL FIRST. Time is critical. A child can drown in a matter of minutes and there is very rarely any splashing or noise.
  16. Your Supervision is the No. 1 way to keep you, your family and children safe from injury or drowning
  17. Be Safe and have an amazing holiday


We have welcomed family, friends & guests with children to this Villa since 1985, with no major accidents.  Let’s keep it that way xx.

We continue to welcome the very same children, now with children of their own.

Plus Great Grandchildren!


Enjoy the Pool

Respect the Pool

Be Vigilant xx